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Published: 18th April 2011
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Indian women have long held a penchant for dressing up in the finest gold and diamond jewellery, hence the rise of the various jewellery making styles and the scores of establishments that cater to this burgeoning client base. As a matter of fact, India has the largest personal holdings of the yellow metal in the world. Add to this, the several festive occasions and auspicious days when jewellery buying is religiously recommended and it's easy to understand why jewelers rarely go out of business in this country regardless of the size of their establishments. If you are interested in buying authentic Indian gold jewellery, here is a look at some of the more popular jewellery houses in the country.

Pan Indian Family-Owned Jewellery making Establishments

Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri: A jeweler who has been in business for several generations; the legendary Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri opened the doors of their first shop 150 years ago when India was still the lair of royal families well known for their extravagant lifestyle. Since then the country has turned into a thriving democracy but Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri has stood the test of time as jeweller par excellence evoking an innate sense of loyalty and trust in its consumers.

The company is a brand name to reckon with in the Indian jewellery market; despite the cut throat competition, TBZ's commitment to extraordinary craftsmanship, quality that can be blindly trusted and elegant designs that transcend the bounds of time has made it impossible for Indian consumers to ignore the brand. TBZ maintains jewellery stores in several cities across India and even in other parts of the world.

Prominent local jewellery making establishments

Popley and Sons: After carving a name for itself in the Dubai gold market, the chain of jewellery stores owned by two feuding brothers of the Popley family finally made its return to India in a big way. The brothers maintain sprawling showrooms in posh localities of Mumbai, India that offer a truly extensive collection of gold, diamond, platinum jewellery and silver artifacts.

Vaman Hari Pethe: A veritable paradise for the connoisseur of the distinctive Maharshtrian style of jewellery making, Vaman Hari Pethe maintains its illustrious presence in most cities of Maharashtra. The jewellery store offers an assortment of jewellery designs including the noteworthy, traditional nose ring worn by every Marathi bride on her big day.

Indian conglomerate makes its foray into the jewellery market

Tata is perhaps the only conglomerate that has made a foray into the jewellery market in the country with their flagship establishment Tanishq. What started as a way to meet the company's need for foreign exchange to fund their purchase of equipment needed for watch manufacture, soon turned into a thriving business that predominantly catered to the American and European customers of Indian made jewellery.

Initially the designs offered by the company did not appeal to the tastes of the Indian women; however, the economic slowdown in the West gave Tanishq the impetus to come back home with their jewelleries. Soon, designs were incorporated to meet the requirements of the Indian market, which still harbored an inclination towards traditional jewelleries. While living up to the expectations of Indian customers, Tanishq set new standards in product reliability in the country.

International players entering the Indian jewellery making market

India's growing economic clout and the financial prosperity of the country's huge consumer base has proved irresistible to many foreign jewellery brands who have made their presence felt in the major cities of the country. The first of them was Italian jewellery house Pplatini. However, the muted Italian jewellery making style which predominantly used 14 and 18 cart gold did not appeal to Indian consumers who vied for the luster of 22 and 23 carat jewellery. As a result, the company had to close down its operations in some parts of the country.

However, this did not stop other popular jewellery brands from testing the waters in India. Some of the more famous international jewellers who have slowly but steadily created a place for themselves in the Indian markets include D'Damas, Damas, Asria and others; however, these establishments have primarily concentrated their efforts in the diamond market.

Despite major foreign brands falling over each other to garner the attention of the Indian consumers, for the Indian women found bustling through the busy streets of the country haggling with local vegetable vendors for the best bargain on her greens, the local jeweller is still the best bet when buying the occasional ring or bangle.

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